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Getting ready for Easter with the kids at home? It’s child’s play! Organize an egg-decorating activity to keep the kids busy while you put together our easy, festive menu. The Easter Bunny will be there before you know it!


This activity has been around for generations, but kids still love it. Decorating Easter eggs is an indispensable activity for the season!
Prepare the eggs
Use a large needle to pierce both ends of an egg that you’ve washed and dried in advance, making sure to break the yolk. Blow into one of the holes to drain the contents, which you can save for cooking later. Rinse the shell and let it dry.
Decorate the eggs
The decorative possibilities for your little ones are almost endless!
Give them an apron (check out our tip here on how to make your own), throw some paper or an old cloth on the table, and give them different materials for decorating their eggs:
– Paint and brushes
– Glitter
– Stickers
– Googly eyes
– Construction paper
– Felt
– Decorative tape
Their imagination will do the rest!
Use the eggs
Keep the contents of your eggs and use them to make a ham and maple quiche or an orange-raspberry cake for Easter. You can also keep them until the next day to make a dinner omelette with your Easter leftovers!


Want to impress your family without slaving away all day in the kitchen? Our festive recipes are easy to prepare.
Leek and potato soup
It’s festive: Serve in pretty bowls and sprinkle with fresh chives to create a fine dining experience.
It’s easy: Simple, seasonal ingredients and very little prep are the secrets to this soup!
Baked ham glazed with mustard, maple syrup, and nutmeg
It’s festive: Ham is an Easter must!
It’s easy: You can say tell everyone this ham took you four hours and ten minutes to prepare, but no one has to know that four of those hours were spent baking in the oven!
Honey-roasted root vegetables
It’s festive: Roasted with honey or even maple, these vegetables will add a touch of colour to your plate.
It’s easy: Just put the baking sheet in the oven. That’s all there is to it!
Maple syrup fondue
It’s festive: Fondue is festive no matter the ingredients, but a maple dessert fondue is the ultimate!
It’s easy: This fondue calls for just three simple ingredients! Serve it with the kids’ favourite fruit and cakes.
All that’s left is to put the kids’ decorated eggs on the table and serve a festive feast that was easy to prepare.
Happy Easter!