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This summer, you’ll want to set a beautiful table outside

Summer’s finally here! Time to call up family and friends, set the table outside, and chow down on juicy grilled delights and bright fresh salads. Your local Marchés Tradition team knows a thing or two about yummy summer eats, with a wide variety of tasty options for the BBQ, crisp fruits and vegetables, and ready-to-enjoy ideas that make it easy to have fun in the sun.

Recipes that taste even better outdoors

Are you always looking for that perfect picnic table under a shady tree? Or vying with your neighbours to see who’ll get their patio set out first? We get it! Like you, we know that fresh air and pleasant scenery add a special “je ne sais quoi” to those mouthwatering summer dishes.

Local products to savour all summer long

At Tradition, we share your passion for summer tables filled with fresh and colourful dishes. And like you, we love spending as much time as we can outside in the warm summer sun. That’s why our merchants have put together a great selection of exclusive products for you to discover: Ricardo ready-to-cook meats, Sterling Silver burgers, Fumoirs Gosselin bacon, Aux Trois Cochons Gourmands terrines, or our C’est Prêt collection, all “ready to go"—just like you are.

Curious to know where this funny bunch loves to eat outside?

The secret ingredient they bring on a nature picnic? Or their all-time favourite BBQ dish? So are we! Follow us to find out.