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Hosting Christmas festivities should translate into fun times spent with friends and loved ones. Follow our tips for your best Christmas ever! Hosting Christmas should translate into fun, not hassle. The trick is to focus on the key to successful entertaining: planning. Even though this may sound like a bit of a stretch, Christmas entertaining prep really should begin at least one month ahead of time. Follow our tips for your best Christmas ever!

Way in advance

One month before the big night, make sure you know how many guests will be there and decide on the kind of festivities you want to host. Whether you choose a big feast around the table with several courses or a potluck where each guest brings something for the meal, it’s important to plan your involvement in the meal prep ahead of time. This is when you should be perusing recipe books, magazines and web sites to decide on your menu, tap into flyer deals, and test the new recipes you would like to serve to avoid any unpleasant surprizes! Also use the time to prepare your pickled vegetable jars, chutneys, ketchups or fruit jams. You won’t have to think about it as Christmas approaches and you can even decorate your little jars with a festive ribbon to offer as a host or hostess gift or in a Christmas stocking!

Two weeks before

Two weeks before the festivities, make sure to order your buffet service if you decide to use it, buy your frozen turkey, and begin preparing and freezing all the dishes you can prepare in advance. Sauce-based dishes, stews, stuffing, and some desserts can easily be frozen ahead of time. Also take the time to make sure you have all the dishware you need when the time comes. Use the opportunity to think about your decorations as well—a lovely centerpiece for the table will absolutely delight your guests!

The night before

The night before, prepare everything that you can in advance! Set your table, thaw your dishes, prepare ice cubes, bake your dessert, put drinks in a cool place, run your last minute errands, and turn on the slow cooker!

On d-day

Have your game plan on hand so you don’t miss a step in your meal prep. Don’t hesitate to delegate either! The kids can decorate the cookies, your significant other can prepare the cocktail punch, and you can baste the turkey. Above all, believe in yourself and don’t forget that the most important thing about Christmas is to spend special moments with the people you love around the table, not to find yourself alone in the kitchen!   Merry Christmas!