La Guignolée

Give a Guignolée bag from November 8 to December 31, 2018

Once again this year, your Les Marchés Tradition retailer invites you to support a charitable organization in your region by placing non-perishable food items in the donation bin in store.
You can also opt to give with our pre-prepared $10 Guignolée bags! There are two bag assortments available in order to offer more variety to the organizations and families in need.

How does it work? Look for the display in store and then

  1. PICK UP a pre-prepared bag.
  2. PAY for it along with your groceries at the checkout.
  3. PLACE IT in the donation bin located near the exit.

The bags contain Compliments products selected according to recommendations from Food Banks of Quebec.

If you prefer to offer foodstuffs by the unit, here is the list of products suggested by Food Banks of Quebec:

  1. • Pasta and rice
  2. • Canned meat and fish
  3. • Canned or powdered soup or stew
  4. • Canned fruits and vegetables
  5. • Flour
  6. • Breakfast cereal
  7. • Peanut butter
  8. • Canned or powdered milk
  9. • Fruit juice
  10. • Pasta sauce
  11. • Legumes
  12. • Infant formula and baby food
  13. • Granola bars
  14. • Fruit snacks