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While our lives are going 100 miles an hour, it’s mealtime that ends up being cut short! The slow food movement, however, encourages people to shift perspective. Discover a trend that’s on the rise (and how to get on board)!

Time spent at the table is a special opportunity to unwind with the family. That’s why more and more people are taking inspiration from the slow food movement, a way of thinking that encourages people to slow down, focus on local food, and limit waste.

The slow food trend now has millions of followers around the world . . . which isn’t surprising when you stop and think of its many advantages:

  • Helps maintain your well-being and that of loved ones, reduces stress, and cultivates quality family time.
  • Promotes physical health, as eating more slowly helps prevent certain stomach issues (heartburn, acid reflux, and bloating).
  • Lowers grocery bills through a food waste reduction approach.

3 ways to adopt the slow food trend

1. Take the time

To fully enjoy your food, there’s nothing like taking your time! Of course, quick lunches are sometimes unavoidable, but dinnertime, on the other hand, should be about slowing down. When you get the chance, start the meal with a nice appetizer, such as a comforting bowl of soup or crisp salad. Want to impress the family? Try these delicious Nordic shrimp patties with dill sauce.

If you’re in the habit of eating your meal in a hurry, here are a few tips that will encourage you to slow down:

  • Plan a longer time slot for your meal. Setting aside this moment in your schedule allows you to enjoy your dish in a more relaxed and peaceful manner.
  • Put down your knife and fork between bites to prolong the pleasure of eating.
  • Remember to take sips of water from time to time. This will help you space out your bites.

A sip of flavoured water with that?

Brighten up your glass with some flavoured water! Think blueberries and lavender, strawberries and basil, melon and mint, or lemon and ginger. These combinations are all flavourful and fresh!

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Restaurants get it: a pleasant atmosphere sets the table for a good (and gourmet) time! Apply this principle to your household by dimming the lights. If you feel like it, you can also light a few candles.

To foster an atmosphere of sharing during mealtime, turn off screens and silence phones. If you want to liven up your discussions, why not accompany the dessert with a little game? For example, place a bowl on the table with fun questions written on pieces of paper. Everyone picks and answers a question in turn. Laughter guaranteed!

3. Rediscover your culinary heritage

Eating local food is the key to reducing your grocery bill. Although the offer of fruits and vegetables is less abundant during the cold season, you can also turn to the frozen food section! Because yes, it’s easy to find foods from Quebec and Canada.

When it comes to proteins, opt for meat and poultry from Quebec producers. There’s nothing like local pork to prepare our Italian braised pork shoulder or this meatloaf with vegetables! And let’s not forget dehydrated or canned legumes from this side of the border, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils.

Grandma’s handy (and tasty!) tips

Culinary heritage includes sound advice from relatives! These thoughtful tidbits are part of our gastronomic heritage, passed down from generation to generation. Check out some of our top tips from grandma:

  • Putting an onion in the freezer before chopping it reduces tears and that pesky stinging sensation.
  • Adding a peeled potato to a sauce that’s too spicy helps lower the heat.
  • Heating your garlic clove for 15 seconds in the microwave makes it easier to mince.
  • Placing a halved apple in your bread box helps maintain the freshness of a loaf.
  • Plunging wilted lettuce in a mixture of water and sugar for half an hour will restore its crunchy texture.

To maintain a better relationship with food and preserve your health and the environment, try the slow food movement today. A tasty trend that’s worth adopting!