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Faster, easier and more convenient

Thanks to their long shelf life, frozen and canned foods allow you to stock a range of different ingredients in the kitchen. They save you from popping out to the grocery store, which is a real time-saver on those busy weeknights.
These foods are perfect for when you feel like skipping the food prep since they’re already washed, peeled and chopped. Lack the time or energy tonight to chop the onions, peppers and celery for your Chinese macaroni? Use a mix of frozen veggies instead.

A money saver

Canned goods are often cheaper. Depending on the season, frozen fruits and vegetables can also be cheaper than their fresh counterparts.

Freshness year round

Did you know that frozen vegetables and fruit were frozen at harvest? This is an excellent way to preserve as much of their nutrients as possible and “trap“ this freshness all year long!

Easy storage

Canned foods are easy to store as there’s no need to chill them. This makes them ideal for outings such as camping weekends or long road trips.

Less food waste (means more money saved!)

Bags of frozen fruits and vegetables have the added advantage of offering only what you need. You can keep the rest for later.
Freezing also lets you keep certain foods for longer rather than binning them as would normally be the case. Did your family favour cereal instead of toast at the breakfast table this week? Then freeze your leftover sliced bread as it will make excellent French toast next week!
Have your carrots gone soft? Make a soup out of them and freeze it. Perfect for a quick and comforting lunch this fall.

Always available

The supply and price of frozen and canned foods are relatively stable all year long. In winter, for example, when there is less variety in the fresh produce section, you can check out the frozen fruits and vegetables. You can even find canned corn or peas at your local convenience store. There’s always a way to add some vegetables to your meal!

Colour in a flash

Having chicken pot pie tonight but haven’t decided on which vegetables to serve with it? Steam some frozen green beans or microwave them in a little water and plate up. About to tuck into breakfast and realize your fruit bowl is empty? Add some canned peaches to your oatmeal or whip up a smoothie with some frozen blueberries.
So as you can see, saying yes to canned or frozen foods lets you increase your servings of fruits and vegetables with a minimum of fuss and planning!

Original article posted on the Fondation Olo website (in French only)