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Meal prep is all the rage at the moment and is a simple way to save time, energy and money. How? Spending a little more time in the kitchen on weekends helps you spend a lot less on weeknights. Here are some tips to make meal prep a breeze.

1- Plan

Think about your family’s favourite foods, go over the discounts in the flyer and check your fridge and pantry to create the week’s menu. You’ll also avoid wasting food by using the fresh products you already have.

2- Shop

Having a detailed shopping list in hand that is based on your menu for the week will reduce the urge to buy unnecessary items at the grocery store. You’ll reduce your food bill and avoid buying products you already have or don’t need.

3- Cook

Dedicate a few hours during the week or on the weekend to meal prep for the week to come. Pre-cut and blanch vegetables, cook the starches, prepare sauces, cook in large batches and freeze the extra, and make sure to refrigerate your dishes.

4- Assemble

In the evenings, simply warm up the starches and vegetables and then cook the protein for quick and easy meal.

Ready to find out what it’s like to cook just once a week? Check out these ideas for dishes that can be prepared in large batches, to either freeze or put together for easy dinners:

Three-meat lasagna

Sausage stuffed peppers

French onion roast