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A typical Quebec fast-food dish, the roll needs no introduction. Composed of a hot-dog bun and a cold salad topping, there are many variations of the recipe. One such variation features northern shrimp. Here are a few interesting facts about this much-loved crustacean.

Shrimp roll: from the american east coast to gaspésie

The roll is believed to have originated in Connecticut at the start of the 20th century. At the time, the recipe featured one of the region’s most popular crustaceans: lobster. Although still extremely popular in the United States, the roll has also become a Quebec classic over the years. And there are many variations to choose from, including the northern shrimp roll. This classic dish is a staple at fast-food joints across Gaspésie and the Côte Nord, but you can easily make it at home; simply follow our delicious recipe.

Northern shrimp: a local delight

Loved by Quebecers, northern shrimp simply explode with flavour . . . making them the ingredient of choice for rolls! You can get northern shrimp in our stores when they’re in season—from late April to June. This is the best time to enjoy shell-on shrimp, with head and eggs. Or if you prefer, you can opt for shelled shrimp in the frozen seafood section. And they’re always sold cooked, so you can enjoy them right away!

Preservation method

Northern shrimp are typically frozen directly in-factory, in order to help preserve their freshness. They keep in the fridge for two or three days, and in the freezer for up to two months. To verify their freshness, smell them—they should smell like the sea. Opt for pink shrimp with no black spots.

A sustainable industry

Did you know that the northern shrimp fishing industry is certified sustainable in Eastern Canada? This certification guarantees that the marine ecosystem in the St. Lawrence Gulf and estuary are protected. The industry is obligated to respect strict quotas, which aim to maintain the water’s biodiversity and the health of its inhabitants. Fishing nets are also monitored and must be manufactured so as to limit the capture of young shrimp or other untargeted species.

Shrimp in your plate

Northern shrimp-stuffed avocado
This appetizer takes just a few minutes to prepare! Simply combine diced celery and peppers, northern shrimp, mayonnaise, and fresh herbs. Season with salt and pepper. Gently toss in some diced avocadoes and spoon the mixture into the avocado skins.
Northern shrimp poutine
This popular Quebec dish is delicious when made with northern shrimp! Replace the traditional brown gravy with a cream, white wine, and butter sauce. Drizzle over your fries and add the northern shrimp and cheese curds. Enjoy!
Northern shrimp chowder
This recipe is so simple to make! Start by making a roux, then add some chicken broth, a drizzle of clam juice, and cubed potatoes. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 10 minutes or so. Near the end of cooking time, add the northern shrimp, frozen corn, and 15% cream. Continue to heat for a few minutes, then serve and enjoy!

Freshly fished or frozen, northern shrimp are sure to make any meal—from brunch to dinner to appetizer—a succulent success!