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Locally farmed seasonal vegetables are available throughout the harvest season. And what a great meal choice they make! Planning your menus around the harvest is a way to enjoy more local products as well as freshness at its peak!

The benefits of eating local

Locally harvested vegetables are fresher and tastier. Since they don’t need to be transported long distances and stored, they can ripen in their natural environments and be harvested at their prime. Eating local allows you to vary your menus and enjoy the rich and flavourful goodness of the season while tapping into nutritional benefits. Eating local produce also encourages the province’s vegetable growers and economy. Our many local growers offer a great variety of superior quality produce, perfectly ripened and delectably flavourful.

Star billing for local products

Many of the vegetables that hit our shelves towards the end of summer are perfect for stews, braised meats, and even preserves! Discover, rediscover, or add these to your grocery list: carrots, potatoes, yellow onions, string beans, beets, rutabagas, and turnips.