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A gastronomic experience right at home

When you choose Sterling Silver premium beef, you choose unrivalled quality that meets strict marbling, quality, and aging standards. Those strands of fat you see speckled throughout the muscle, which is the marbling, melt during cooking, making the meat juicier and enhancing the taste for an extraordinary gastronomic experience! Sterling Silver premium beef is hand-selected and aged for at least 21 days for optimum tenderness and enhanced taste. A cut’s tenderness is the most important factor in determining quality and how bite-worthy your meal will be. We guarantee optimum tenderness and a load of taste in every morsel on all cuts of Sterling Silver beef.


If you aren’t satisfied with the tenderness of your Sterling Silver product, stop by the customer service counter of your local Les Marchés Tradition supermarket with the product and your receipt and we will reimburse you, guaranteed!

Follow our tips to become a true connoisseur!


Flap steak 312545 Flap steak cooks quickly and absorbs flavours amazingly well. It tastes great with any marinade!  
T-bone steak 336832 T-bone steak, characterised by its T-shaped bone, is a top quality juicy cut with loads of taste.  
Tenderloin steak 887435 Tenderloin steak is an extremely tender cut that’s easy to cook and shrinks only slightly when done.  
Strip loin steak 210042 Relatively lean, strip loin steak has a dense, tender texture with a bold taste.  
Ribeye steak 149669 Ribeye steak is lush, juicy, tasty and highly marbled, so it’s very tender.  
Top sirloin steak 149688 Top sirloin steak is a versatile, juicy cut with medium marbling.  
Top sirloin cap 731561 Top sirloin cap steak comes from the sirloin’s top part and stays juicy when cooked.
Top sirloin medallions 731565 Top sirloin medallions have medium marbling and are great for the BBQ.
Rib steak 884449 Rib steak is a tender and generously marbled cut with delicate and flavourful fibres.  


Carefully prep meat | Remove large sections of fat and let meat sit in an airtight container for at least 30 minutes before cooking to avoid thermal shock and to obtain even doneness. Don’t over-handle | Flip meat only once for maximum tenderness. Avoid piercing | Use tongs to turn meat while cooking so juices don’t drip out and dry up meat. Opt for a digital thermometer | Follow recommended temperatures for perfect doneness and safe cooking. Let meat stand once cooked | Remove meat from stove, oven or BBQ when it reaches about 5 degrees below desired doneness temperature (see table below) and let it stand in aluminum foil for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. This will allow cooking juices to spread into the meat fibres, making the cut juicier, more tender and full of flavour.
Desired doneness Recommended temperature 
Rare 63°C (145°F)
Medium-rare 65°C (150°F)
Medium 70°C (160°F)
Medium-well done 74°C (165°F)
Well done 77°C (170°F)


Buying | Add meat to your cart at the very end and refrigerate or freeze within 30 minutes of buying. Freezing | Freeze beef for up to two weeks in its original packaging. To freeze longer, wrap in resistant aluminum foil or a freezer bag, removing as much air as possible. Thawing and marinating | Always thaw and marinate meat in the fridge and not on the counter. Hygiene | Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water to prevent the spread of bacteria after having touched raw meat. Also wash anything that comes into contact with the raw meat with warm, soapy water, including cutting boards, counters and utensils. Cross contamination | Make sure raw meat does not come into contact with food that is ready to be eaten.