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Good company and great food are undoubtedly the keys to hosting a successful sports night. Having people over for the big game? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a good cook or not, just follow our tips and you’re bound to enjoy a fun and food-filled evening!  


When it’s time to cook, do you find yourself subbing out from the kitchen? Not so fast! You don’t need to be a master chef, just turn on the oven and unpack your favourite bites. Starting lineup for the game:
Hunger buster: A variety of frozen pizzas and chicken wings with your favourite sauces. Healthy option: A tray of pre-cut raw veggies with the accompanying dip. Half-time snack: Popcorn, chips and store-bought salsa. End of game sweetener: Frozen treats or a cake from the bakery counter. Thirst quencher: Your favourite beer.

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Are you a stranger to the kitchen who only enjoys cooking when it’s simple? Tackle recipes that are quick to prepare and cook and you’ll impress your guests without breaking a sweat. Starting lineup for the game:
Hunger buster: Meat tacos that your guests can build with your prepared fillings, or European-style hot dogs. Healthy option: A homemade guacamole and salsa duo with corn chips. Half-time snack: Bake the nachos during the last play before half-time and you’re set. End of game sweetener: Brownie fondant in a cup that only needs microwaving. Thirst quencher: A selection of craft beers.


For you, there’s no point inviting people over if you can’t cook for them! You don’t mind spending a few hours in the kitchen and you get as much satisfaction in serving your creations as you do in seeing your team win. Starting lineup for the game:
Hunger buster: Beer-flavoured ribs and pulled pork burgers prepared with care. Healthy option: A multi-layer dip with pita bread chips and raw veggies. Half-time snack: A loaf of cheese bread for sharing. End of game sweetener: Mini strawberry shortcakes or with any other fruit matching your team’s colours. Thirst quencher: A simple beer-based cocktail such as a Brass Monkey (beer and orange juice) or Monaco (beer, lemonade and grenadine).
Now that you know your sporting profile in the kitchen, choose your menu, plan your prep time, get ready for the game… and may the best team win! Enjoy the game!