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Our bountiful land has much to offer when it comes time to shop for groceries. So, whether it’s for taste, the environment, to save some money or to show solidarity, any reason is a good reason to add local products to your menu.

The benefits of eating local

When you put homegrown products in your cart, you ensure they have been picked at optimum ripeness, so they’re fresher, tastier and more nutritious than those that have travelled thousands of kilometres to make it to your plate.
Smaller environmental footprint
The environmental footprint of shipping products from abroad is enormous. When you buy local, you limit the distance travelled and reduce the environmental impact.
Encourages the local economy
Buying products that are made here makes it possible to inject money directly into the local economy and give it a boost, especially by creating jobs. It also provides producers with the means to improve production and maintain facilities to continue feeding the province.
Preserves our food heritage
Opting for local products means you give farmers and producers the opportunity to develop their expertise, diversify their crops, share their knowledge with future generations, and simply be proud to be part of their province’s food landscape.

Tips for eating local

Know what’s in season
Local produce is seasonal and changes from one month to the next. Following seasonal calendars and finding out what’s coming in and when can help you better plan your shopping and meals. This will save you money and ensure you enjoy unrivalled freshness.
Know where to find local products in the aisles
Fruits and vegetables are not the only local superstars you can put on your plate. Add meats, deli meats, cheeses, dairy products, prepared meals, vegan products, sauces, preserves, desserts, cookies, bread and much more to your 100% made-in-Quebec grocery list!
Pay attention to labels
In Quebec, products certified Aliments du Québec and Aliments préparés au Québec guarantee local origin or production. However, whether from Quebec or any other province, local producers are proud to show their colours in their own way. Look for the mention, local colours or your province’s flag and encourage people from right here!
Eat local throughout the year
Local products that are fresh year-round do exist! Greenhouse products are so diverse that freshly picked fruits and vegetables are easy to find even in winter. Another great way to include them on your menu no matter what the season is to blanch and freeze your vegetables, cut and freeze fruit, or make preserves and marinades when at peak freshness.

100% local on your plate

Take the challenge to prepare a 100% made-in-Quebec meal that’s easy and oh so fresh!
For cocktail hour: accompany a local wine or beer with a platter loaded with deli meats and cheeses, homemade croutons, raw veggies and local dips.
As a starter: serve fresh salad with julienned apple slices, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes and a dressing, all made right at home.
For the main dish: roast a whole chicken and serve with maple-glazed vegetables sourced 100% from the province.
To finish off: for those with sweet tooth, serve ice cream with local seasonal berries along with coffee roasted in your region.
So eating locally and encouraging our producers is, in fact, easy as pie. Every little thing you do has a direct impact on you and your family… plus, everybody wins!