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The rising temperature brings with it the desire to escape outdoors and enjoy the sun: camping, canoeing, cycling, or spending the day at the park. In fact, it’s the perfect occasion to share a delicious meal . . . alfresco style! If you’re wondering what to fill your picnic basket with, here are some inspiring ideas that will make every summer moment magical!

The hiker’s picnic

Protein-packed snacks

Opt for snacks that are easy to carry, like an assortment of nuts. You can go with a store-bought mix or even make your own by combining your favourite nuts and seeds. For a heartier snack, grab some hard-boiled eggs, cubes of cheese, and sliced sausage.

Inspiring meal-salads

Planning a day of hiking? For a nutritious, easy-to-digest lunch, we recommend packing a meal-salad. And while your first instinct might be to opt for lettuce, don’t! Instead go with ingredients that are more tolerant to heat and transportation, such as a Greek pasta salad made with feta, cucumbers, and black olives, or a Mediterranean couscous salad featuring artichoke hearts and fresh spinach.

Sweet treats

To keep the troupes motivated and as a sweet reward at the end of your hike, pack a gourmet surprise, such as a decadent brookie. This delicious dessert combines the chewy goodness of a brownie with the irresistible taste of a chocolate chip cookie . . . perfect for eating on the go!


  • Keep your food cold by packing it with frozen juice boxes.
  • Bring a plastic bag to put all your waste.
  • Roll a blanket or towel and place it at the bottom of your bag, for a comfy place to sit and enjoy your meal.

The happy-hour picnic

What could be better than soaking in the summer sun at an outdoor happy hour featuring local products!

A quick and delish menu

For your main meal, we suggest a tapas-style menu that’s easy to share. Kick back and relax in front of a platter of marinated olives, charcuterie, and local cheeses. Forgo the traditional sandwiches, and instead pack a selection of mini quiches, which you can easily make in your muffin tins. When it comes to beverages, opt for a refreshing homemade lemonade. Simply combine approximately 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of lemon juice, and 5 cups of water, for a thirst-quenching drink everyone will love! Planning a late-afternoon picnic? Then add a few ounces of vodka to the mix!

Picnic tips and tricks

  • Create a pleasant ambiance by decorating your table with a pretty tablecloth (a sheet will do the trick!), flowers, and small LED candles.
  • Install a few pillows, for maximum comfort and a chic bohemian look.
  • Bring a wireless speaker or try the phone-in-a-glass trick for a nice musical ambiance. And don’t forget to create a playlist for the occasion!

The family picnic

There’s no need to go far to enjoy an alfresco dinner. The closest park will do the trick. In fact, certain sites even allow you to bring your own portable BBQ.

BBQ-style menu

For large gatherings, simplify your life and plan a feast of meat and veggie skewers. Not enough time to marinate your skewers? Then simply opt for a menu of gourmet hot-dogs. Be original and use merguez sausage, baguette, and spicy mayo. You could also serve a giant sub to share. Easy to make, this recipe requires only a few ingredients, and is sure to please everyone! Simply top a large submarine bun with steak grilled on the BBQ the night before, cheese, chopped lettuce, and tomatoes.

Simple desserts and snacks for an army!

Kids are always impatient for dessert time to roll around. Cut watermelon is always a winner! Or, if you have time the night before, why not bake up a batch of strawberry crumble? It’s easy to make and is delicious the next day! And don’t forget about the snacks, because kids are always hungry, especially after spending a day outdoors. Tip: Quarter some apples, then reassemble them and hold them in place with an elastic; this will prevent them from turning brown. Practical!

Picnic tips and tricks

  • Add a dose of fun to the day by bringing outdoor games the whole family will love! Bocce, bean bag toss, and frisbee are all great crowd-pleasers.
  • Pack a “survival bag” filled with the essentials: wet wipes, sunscreen, a change of clothes, a first aid kit, etc.
Whether you’re planning a bike ride or a canoe excursion, the important thing is to adapt your menu to your activity of choice. That way it’ll be easier to enjoy the day and take full advantage of everything the summer has to offer!