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Sweet, firm and delectable, strawberries are one of the most hotly anticipated fruits of the summer.

How to choose

Nothing beats Quebec strawberries, but whether you opt for the locally grown variety or not, make sure you choose fruits with a uniform, shiny colour and a bright green top. And don’t forget their aroma: it’s a good indicator of the intensity of their flavour.
Last but not least, when you choose your carton of strawberries, make sure that none are crushed or mouldy.

How to store

Keep strawberries in the refrigerator for one or two days in an airtight container, without washing, cutting or trimming them beforehand. Rinse them just before eating, so they don’t become waterlogged or have their flavour or texture altered.

How to eat

Often eaten as is, strawberries are also delicious in pies, cocktails, sweet-and-savoury salads and jams.