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Green and yellow zucchini are actually young squash harvested while still immature, which explains their thin, tender texture and slightly sweet flavour. Zucchini are easy to prepare, high in vitamins, and very refreshing!

How to pick

Fresh zucchini are smooth, dense, and firm to the touch along their entire length. Their skins should be dark, shiny green or bright yellow, with no brown spots or bruises.

How to store

Green and yellow zucchini can keep about five days in the fridge’s crisper drawer. Cover them with plastic wrap or place them in a perforated plastic bag where they won’t dry and can stay fresh. Like so many other vegetables, zucchini are great for freezing. Store them in an airtight container after cutting them up and blanching them for two minutes in boiling water.

How to prepare

To prepare zucchini, brush them under running water or, while not necessary, peel them. Cut into rounds, diced, sliced, or grated, they’re great steamed or boiled for five minutes, or until tender. Their flavour is enhanced when cooked in a skillet or on the barbecue. Raw or cooked, you can add these veggies to salads, stir fries, purées, and soups. They’re also delicious stuffed with meat and topped with cheese melted in the oven, au-gratin. Amazingly enough, they’re even a good choice in desserts and breads, just like carrots!