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When it comes to pork, practically every part is edible . . . from nose to tail. With over 32 different cuts to choose from, Quebec pork is both versatile and incredibly tasty. Our guide will teach you how to cook pork to perfection, no matter the cut!

Pork: a quality protein

Did you know that pork is the most consumed meat in the world? And with good reason! Not only is it rich in protein and essential nutrients, it’s also low in fat and oh-so-delicious!
Quebec pork farmers are subjected to strict standards, resulting in top-quality meat. Their livestock are fed a natural diet, composed of cereals and vitamin and mineral supplements. And growth hormones are completely prohibited.

A green industry

The Quebec pork industry is also committed to reducing its environmental impact. Its carbon footprint generates 4.16 kg of C02, compared to 4.65 kg of C02 in the United States, and it consumes two times less water than the rest of the world’s pork industry.

Cuts for every taste!

We feature lots of cuts of pork in our favourite recipes. Cuts such as flank steak, ham hock, ribs, and chops are loved by carnivores everywhere!
Thanks to its yummy tenderness, pork shoulder is one of the most popular cuts. It’s tender and juicy, making it the ideal cut with which to make pulled pork.
Pork rind is also very versatile. It’s ideal in jellies and broths, and is delicious sliced and added to a cassoulet.

Perfect pork pairings

Pork tenderloin pairs nicely with sweet-and-salty flavours. It’s often served with a caramelized apple sauce, or for something a little different, you could try drizzling it with a delicious blueberry sauce.
But one of the most-loved classics remains maple syrup! If you’re in the mood for something more original, opt for a balsamic vinegar and rosemary marinade. The balsamic will make all the other flavours pop, while the rosemary will add a touch of freshness.

Classics with a twist!

Swap your regular chicken tournedos for pork tournedos! Use a roast to make this recipe, as it’s super tender. Simply cut even slices, wrap in bacon, and bind your tournedos up. This recipe is also worth a try.
Pork can also add a fun and tasty twist to all your favourite recipes. Try topping your Hawaiian pizza or cheese nachos with pulled pork . . . satisfaction guaranteed!
Pork is also great in tacos . . . especially when topped with a refreshing mango salsa!

Bbq tips and tricks

chops: Opt for a ticker cut for the BBQ—anywhere between 3 and 4 centimetres.
Pork tenderloin: For a rosé finish, cook over indirect heat, that way it’ll preserve all its tenderness.
Ribs: Make sure to wrap them in aluminum foil so they don’t dry up. You can also brush them with sauce a dozen minutes or so before removing them from the grill.

Quebec pork is versatile and delicious no matter how you prepare it—grilled, stewed, or skewered. A cut all meat-lovers can enjoy!