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Maple lovers rejoice, because sugar shack season is just around the corner! This delicious nectar is a breakfast staple, but it also has the power to elevate all of your favourite dishes. Here are a few suggestions on how to integrate it to your menu this spring!

Decadent apple crisp

Thanks to its delicate flavours, maple syrup is the perfect ingredient to add to your apple crisp! The acidity of the apples will pair perfectly with the maple syrup’s caramelized aromas, for the most decadent of flavours. And on top of being irresistibly delicious, this dessert is ready in the blink of an eye!

Start by peeling and slicing six apples. Arrange the slices in a nine-inch baking dish and coat with ¾ cup maple syrup. Over the apples, spread a mixture of ½ cup flour, ½ cup oats, brown sugar, softened butter, and a pinch of salt. Bake in the oven at 375F for thirty minutes, or until the crumble on top is golden brown. A decadent dessert that will have the whole family salivating!

Mouth-watering cream fudge

Cream fudge is a much-loved Quebec classic, whose delicious flavours take us back to simpler times. And it’s even more delicious when made with maple syrup!

To make a batch, simply bring a can of maple syrup and ¼ cup of butter to a boil, then let simmer on low heat for five minutes. Next, add 1 cup of 35% cream and a drop of vanilla extract, bring to a boil, and let simmer until the temperature reaches 240F. Let cool, then transfer the mixture into an electric mixer and mix on high for a dozen minutes. Line a pyrex dish with waxed paper, spread the cream fudge mixture over top, and let harden in the fridge for three hours. Then simply cut, serve, and enjoy!

Creamy dressing

Feel like adding a gourmet touch to your salad? Pour a drop of maple syrup in your dressing! It’ll add a sweet note to your traditional balsamic or Dijon vinaigrette.

You can also try something new and prepare a creamy maple dressing using Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar. It’ll pair perfectly with a succulent endive and pear salad.

Gourmet tips

You can replace some of the sugar in your dessert recipes with maple syrup, for a rich taste you’re sure to love. In terms of carbohydrates, one cup of sugar is equal to one cup of maple syrup, and the taste is very similar.

However, if you’re baking a cake, you’ll have to modify your quantities seeing as one ingredient is liquid and the other is solid. To do so, simply cut back on some of your other liquid ingredients, such as milk, for example.

If you’re making muffins, you can replace all the sugar with maple syrup, without modifying the recipe at all. Simply add your maple syrup to your other wet ingredients.

We suggest opting for a darker syrup in your desserts, as they tend to be more robust in flavour than lighter syrups.

Deliciously versatile, maple syrup can elevate all your main dishes. It’ll add fresh new flavours to your pork or salmon, or even your Asian-inspired tofu. With maple syrup, your meals will never be boring!