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You’ve been dreaming about it for months, and now it’s finally time to go camping! Why not take advantage of this moment to explore campfire cooking? Here are some surprisingly simple tips to adapt your favourite recipes to this cooking method.

Cooking directly on embers

Papillote is probably the easiest way to cook directly on the embers. It requires minimal equipment, in addition to providing a nice smoky taste and preserving all the flavours.

Everyone’s favourite, jacket potatoes are ideal for ember cooking. Another example? Corn, which cooks perfectly on embers. Cooked en papillote or in its husk, with a knob of butter and a pinch of salt: it’s heavenly!


  1. Start your fire with a dozen logs, then wait for it to be reduced to embers (about 30 to 45 minutes), stirring from time to time.
  2. Wrap your ingredients with nonstick aluminum foil to prevent them from sticking to the papillote.
  3. If your aluminum foil is too thin, double it up. Close the papillote tightly and place it directly on the embers.
  4. Flip the papillote after a few minutes.

Cooking on a grill

The enticing smell of campfire grilling is one of the many pleasures of camping! This technique allows food to form a delicious crust and gives it an indescribable aroma.

Meat (beef, chicken, pork, sausages,) and most fish and seafood are perfect for this type of cooking, as are firm vegetables. Not to mention bread, whose taste is divinely enhanced by the scent of smoke.


  1. Allow the flames to subside for at least 30 minutes before cooking. Add wood from time to time to maintain a consistent temperature.
  2. Place a well-oiled grill (such as that of your BBQ or oven) above the fire. The distance between the grill and the fire can vary, but should typically be around 10 cm.
  3. Divide your grill into two zones: one for burning embers and one for less intense fire to keep food hot.

Cooking in a cast iron pan

Versatile, an oiled cast iron pan is great for cooking seafood, vegetables, delicate fish, pancakes, eggs, pizzas, sauces, and more. This tool makes it possible to caramelize food while preserving the cooking juices.


  1. Place the pan directly on the fire or on a grill.
  2. When the temperature becomes too hot, place the pan in the area furthest from the fire, where the embers are less intense.
  3. Alternate with the warmer section when the pan cools, and vice-versa.

What’s for dinner?


  • Did the foodie in you follow you into the woods? This succulent charcuterie board is sure to whet everyone’s appetite. A real treat served with a baguette warmed on the fire.
  • Does the heat remind you of your trip to Mexico? Add some tropical sunshine to your plate with this recipe for campfire nachos.

Main dish

  • In the mood for a hearty meal after a long hike? This Philly-style chicken cheesesteak sandwich is the perfect way to end the day! If you’re a lover of seafood, this steelhead trout and pesto en papillote is sublime.
  • If you’re feeding a crowd, make this giant frittata. Cooked in a cast iron pan, you can add your favourite selection of vegetables, deli meat, and cheese. An easy recipe that’s both gourmet and light.
  • To switch things up from the traditional burger, use your ground beef to make these sloppy joe hot-dogs in a cast iron pan. Serve with toasted hot-dog buns.
  • No pizzeria in the vicinity? Your cast iron pan is your best friend! Try this recipe for ham pizza topped with arugula (because you know you always have leftover deli meat!).


  • Vegetable papillotes are a staple of outdoor cooking. To enhance your food, simply toss with a drizzle of olive oil, spices, and herbs.
  • If you have time to do a little meal prep before leaving on your trip, grate cabbage and carrots to concoct a refreshing salad. These vegetables tolerate transportation well, unlike lettuce.


  • When camping, it’s easy to please anyone with a sweet tooth! We suggest making these deluxe campfire s’mores, which combine brownie chunks, marshmallows, and macarons.
  • Because we never get tired of them, revisit s’mores in the form of a berry s’mores cake. Your kids will gobble it down in just one bite!

You now have several interesting ideas for enjoying your camping trip to the max. All that’s left to do is arm yourself with insect repellent to avoid becoming a mosquito buffet yourself!