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Carrots are known for their sweet taste, tenderness, and bright orange colour—it’s what makes them so popular, especially among children! As a snack, side, or even dessert, carrots are a kitchen staple!

How to pick

Choose carrots that are firm and deep orange. Make sure any leaves are fresh and vibrant green.

How to store

To keep carrots fresh for close to a month, store in a paper or perforated plastic bag in the fridge’s crisper drawer. Carrot leaves absorb humidity, which can reduce storage time, so remove any leaves before storing. Avoid storing carrots with apples, pears, or potatoes. To freeze carrots, blanch first in boiling water for three minutes. Then drain and place in the freezer in an airtight container or storage bag. They keep up to one year in the freezer!

How to prepare

To prepare carrots, cook for about 10 minutes in water, steam, or foil wrap, or sauté them in a skillet. Avoid overcooking unless you want to mash them —they’ll lose their pleasant texture and taste.