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OH! OH! OH! What fun it is to celebrate together!
OH! OH! OH! What fun it is to celebrate together!

Enter the “It’s great to receive gifts!” Contest TO BE WON:

Grand Prize $5,000 in groceries

Grand Prize

You could win a Grand Prize worth $5,000 in groceries from your Marché Tradition grocer.

See contest rules for full details.

Every $45 purchase = 1 entry, from November 17 to December 14, 2022

Gift Card

Plus, $100 gift card will be drawn in each store.

Every $45 purchase = 1 entry, from November 17 to December 14, 2022

Grandma + little girl

How to enter?

  1. Come in and shop as often as you can between November 17 and December 14.
  2. Get one entry form for every $45 you spend.
  3. Fill out your entry form and drop it in the box.

Let’s start the Holidays!

Crevettes ambianceCrevettes ambiance

Panache Tempura shrimp

Panache Tempura shrimp

Succulent shrimp in a crispy, Japanese-style coating with a sweet and tangy soy ginger dipping sauce.

Pate Ricardo ambiancePate Ricardo ambiance

Ricardo Pork & beef Pot Pie

Ricardo Pork & beef Pot Pie

Simplify your holiday meals with a tasty pork & beef pot pie, all you have to do is pop it in the oven!

Biscuits ambianceBiscuits ambiance

Biscuits aux pépites de chocolat

Chocolate chip cookies

A classic recipe to give as gift—to your guests or to Santa!

Soupe oignon ambianceSoupe oignon ambiance

French onion soup

French onion soup

Why not use Compliments beef broth and Bergeron Classic cheese for your traditional onion soup.

This year, we can finally celebrate the holidays together!

To truly appreciate the time spent with our guests, it’s sometimes a good idea to have a few ready-to-serve dishes in our menu. Whether it’s appetizers, cocktails or sides, there are Compliments and Panache products that everyone will enjoy.

Why not serve a delicious meat pie and a yummy Ricardo yule log instead of toiling in the kitchen for hours?

Don’t forget that the whole point of the holidays is to share stories, a few laughs and create memories that we’ll cherish forever.

Let’s make the most of these good times together so that our beloved traditions live on!

Guignolee Logo

You know it well, but it’s good to remind ourselves that the holidays are also about sharing. It feels even better to give than to receive. La Guignolée campaign takes place from November 3 to December 28. Please contribute during your next visit to the store. It’s a thoughtful gesture that goes a long way during the holidays.