With their many shapes, textures and flavours, mushrooms are a cooking secret revealed in a multitude of surprising ways. Most mushrooms have a woodsy taste with a slightly spongy texture due to their high water content.

How to choose

Fresh mushrooms must have a uniform colour, shape and texture. The mushroom’s surface should be slightly glossy and free of spots and bruises. Be careful not to confuse leftover soil for spots since mushrooms often have harmless traces of the ground on them.

Choose firm, whole mushrooms with no traces of mold. Remove any with tops that are sticky and wet. Fresh mushrooms shouldn’t smell strongly.

How to store

Mushrooms are fragile and there are certain basic rules to follow to ensure their quality. Fresh mushrooms should be stored in the fridge, preferably at a temperature varying between 0°C and 2°C.

To properly store fresh mushrooms, place them in a brown paper bag so they’ll keep almost one week.

In the freezer, raw mushrooms keep one month, while blanched or cooked mushrooms keep three months.

Dried mushrooms must be stored in a cool dry place just like spices, but they can also be stored in the fridge.

How to enjoy

White (also called button mushrooms)

Mild, delicate flavour

Slice into thin slivers for salads or leave whole to serve with dip.


Slightly earthy flavour

Marinate in a blend of olive oil and garlic with chopped chives and parsley, slide onto a skewer, and cook on the grill.


Rich, slightly sweet flavour

Empty and fill caps with sautéed escargots and garlic, top with Swiss cheese, and bake.


Subtle flavour with a hint of hazelnut and licorice

For a simple, creamy sauce, sauté with onion and garlic, and then add cooking cream and parsley.

Chanterelle (also called girolle)

Peppery, slightly fruity flavour

Best eaten when cooked. Gently brown in a skillet and then add to a quiche or an omelette.

Enoki (also called velvet foot)

Mild, delicate flavour with a slightly fruity aroma

Place whole on top of a creamy soup or a green salad.


Full woodsy flavour

Best eaten when cooked. Sauté over high heat and integrate into an Asian stir-fry.