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Pancakes can be declined in several ways. They are as tasty as a dessert or a main course. Here are some suggestions to prepare them from breakfast to dinner, including aperitifs!


In Benedictine mode
For lunch or brunch, eggs benedict are popular! We suggest you transform this succulent classic by serving the eggs not on traditional English muffins, but rather on pancakes folded into a triangle, garnished with slices of ham and topped with hollandaise sauce.
Flour suggestion: For a more balanced version, use whole wheat flour.
In apple turnover mode
The sweetness of the apple and its slight acidity pair deliciously with the delicacy of the pancake. To make this filling, brown the apple slices in butter for a few minutes and add a drizzle of maple syrup when they start to brown. Serve over pancakes, which you roll up on themselves like a burrito.
Flour Suggestion: All-purpose wheat flour gives this recipe its moist side.


In a gourmet duo
Crackers are one of the go-to snack foods. Breathe new life into your table by replacing crackers with pancakes with Greek yogurt or sour cream dip.
Flour suggestion: Corn flour is ideal for making pancakes that are both crispy and tasty.
In rolled blinis
Smoked salmon blinis are also a favorite for the aperitif. For this recipe, we suggest that you substitute the blinis for pancakes garnished with crème fraîche, smoked salmon and herbs. Then roll the pancake and cut it into slices before serving.
Flour Suggestion: All-purpose wheat flour works best for these rolled blinis.


In cheese sandwiches
Pancakes can also be one of your best allies during busy dinners. In a frying pan, garnish the pancakes with grated Gruyère, ham and fresh spinach, before closing them and sautéing for a few minutes. Cut them into a triangle to eat them in sandwiches.
Suggestion of flour: buckwheat or rye flour are ideal for making these pancakes.
A seafood feast
If you want to think outside the box, give your pancakes a festive air by garnishing them with seafood! Scallops, mussels or shrimp, just use what you have on hand. Brown the seafood in a pan before incorporating it into a béchamel sauce, then wrap the filling in a pancake.
Flour suggestion: use buckwheat flour because of its denser texture.


In crepe Suzette
This French dessert has long captured hearts on this side of the Atlantic. Composed of a sauce based on caramelized sugar, orange juice and Grand Marnier liqueur, Crêpe Suzette will amaze your guests every time! Do you want to be amazed? Heat some orange liqueur in a pan, flambé with a long match. Then pour the sauce over the pancakes.
Flour Suggestion: This recipe is usually made with all-purpose wheat flour.
In super simple cake
There are several ways to make this decadent dessert, which has the merit of making many sweet tooths salivate. It is made from successive layers of pancakes, each of which is topped with sauce. For an absolutely divine dessert, we suggest you cover them with a dulce de leche sauce.
Flour suggestion: Opt for baking wheat flour for a softer result.