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Camping is a summertime must. But just because you plan on sleeping under the stars, doesn’t mean you need to settle for eating canned food and granola bars! We’ve got loads of great ideas for creating an easy and delicious campground menu.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you’ve probably already heard of one-pot recipes. The idea is simple: create a complete dish using only one pot!

This kind of recipe is also easy to make over a campfire. Plus, because you only need one pot, you can pack light! Another bonus? Fewer dishes to wash . . . which everyone loves!



This classic Spanish dish made with eggs is muy delicioso over a campfire! The advantage: you can adapt the recipe according to what’s in your cooler. When you’re ready to get cooking, simply cover your pan in aluminum foil and set over the fire for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sausage fettucine

Pasta is a great one-pot option. The starch that’s released during the cooking process helps create a creamy sauce that is highlighted by the flavours of your other ingredients. We recommend using slow-cook pasta, such as fettucine, penne, or rigatoni. Otherwise, you might end up with a potful of mush!

Banana pancake

For a delicious, no-fuss breakfast, prepare your pancake batter at home and then cook it in a pan set over the campfire.

Comforting chili

Evenings a little cooler than you anticipated? Warm up your body and soul with a bowl of chili seasoned with tabasco or chili powder and topped with a few slices of jalapeño pepper.


Mother Nature can be fickle . . . which can complicate your camping trips. Is a heat wave expected in the coming days? Forgo dishes made over the campfire and instead opt for a fresh menu that’s sure to satisfy even the most ferocious of appetites!

Gourmet salads

Seeing as lettuce can wilt quickly in hot weather, opt for a more robust salad, made with beets, goat’s cheese, and pancetta. A couscous, chickpea, and grilled halloumi salad is another great camping option!

Sandwiches with a twist

For an easy-to-make lunch, spread some herb cream cheese on a tortilla, then top with smoked salmon and avocado. In the mood for something different? Swap your bread for a croissant and fill it with a shrimp and green onion mixture.

Meal-prep mode

Meal prepping is a super-handy technique, particularly useful on busy weeknights. But did you know that it can also save you loads of time when camping?

Before heading off, take the time to cook your starches, such as pasta, rice, quinoa, and potatoes. If possible, also prepare your protein (think chicken, salmon, or tofu). Once on the campsite, all you’ll have to do is mix and match your prepped ingredients, for a quick and delish meal.

Weather tips

If it’s raining, you can forget about grilling over an open fire! Which is why we recommend bringing food that doesn’t require cooking. For a fuss-free, easy dinner, pack your cooler with versatile ingredients, such as shredded cheese, roasted veggies, pita bread, nut butter, and pesto.


When packing for a camping trip, food usually takes up a large section of your bags—unless you plan on hunting your meals! Here are a few tips for better organizing your food:

  • Maximize the space in your cooler by placing food in freezer bags rather than in plastic containers. Identify each bag with the recipe name or its content.
  • Kill two birds with one stone by freezing soups, chilis, and stews in freezer bags. They’ll slowly thaw out, all while keeping your other food cold.
  • Instead of using multiple ice packs, fill your cooler with frozen water bottles. Bonus: you’ll have fresh water once the ice has melted!

Armed with these tips (and a bit of sunshine!), your camping adventures should go off without a hitch. You might even enjoy your meals more than your home-cooked ones!