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Between skating, skiing, and hiking, sports enthusiasts have a ton of activities to choose from during the winter months. And you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to deploy champion-level energy. The essential thing is that you fuel your body the right way. We’ve got loads of meal ideas that are perfect for your sports-filled days. From breakfast to dinner, give your body what it needs!

What to eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is essential when it comes to starting your day off right. The challenge? It needs to contain enough nutrients to provide you with the energy necessary to hit the slopes! It’s important to include protein in your breakfast, such as nut or seed butter, eggs, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, or cheese. Protein is essential for developing and maintaining muscles. To satisfy your body’s need for carbs, make sure to also include fresh fruit. You can easily add fresh fruit to your yogurt, smoothie, or oatmeal. Whole grains are also essential, as they are rich in fibre and help keep you feeling fuller longer. Here are a few breakfast ideas that are perfect for budding athletes! -English muffin with egg: This breakfast is consistent enough to get your body ready for a day of snowshoeing! We suggest opting for a whole-wheat English muffin, topped with a bit of cheese and half an avocado. And round your meal out with a fruit! -Breakfast smoothie: This beverage is filling enough for an active day, but won’t leave you feeling heavy or weighed down. Simply blend together half a banana, a handful of spinach, almond butter, soya milk, oats, and chia seeds. You can also add a scoop of protein powder if you want. -Plain Greek yogurt with granola: This complete breakfast is ideal for energetic people! With its high protein level, Greek yogurt will keep you full all morning! Top with berries and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

What to snack on?

In the mood to lace up your skates and hit the rink? Make sure to eat a balanced snack containing enough carbs and protein. This will ensure you have ample energy to get through the day, all while avoiding any hunger pangs. Pressed for time? Take your snack to go! Our energy-boosting snack ideas are easy to enjoy anywhere, anytime! Energy balls: These balls offer a high dose of energy! You can make them with dates, peanut butter, bananas, and flax or chia seeds. Bonus: they’re so compact, they easily fit into your backpack! Dried fruit and nut mix: This is the ideal snack for all-day energy. To prepare it, simply roast a selection of nuts in a pan and drizzle with maple syrup. Then toss in your favourite dried fruits. You can also add a handful of dark chocolate chunks. Tofu dip: This snack is delicious and filling, especially when combined with crackers or crudités. Place your desired quantity in a small reusable container if you plan on eating outdoors.

What to eat before your sports activity?

If you wish to practice an endurance sport, it’s recommended that you eat a carb-rich meal 3 to 4 hours before the activity in question. Opt for a lunch that contains protein, fruits and vegetables, and starches, like pasta or rice. Avoid fatty foods, as they’ll only weigh you down. Plan on going skating after work? Eat a healthy snack about an hour and a half before your physical activity—that way you’ll have time to properly digest. Remember that the less you eat before your activity, the more you’ll need to eat food that is rich in carbohydrates. In such cases, reach for fresh or dried fruits, or a fruit compote.

What to eat after your sports activity?

After any physical activity, it’s important to replenish your body with a snack that’s rich in protein and carbs. This will help you recuperate and help your body repair its muscle tissue. And don’t forget to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Eat a well-balanced dinner composed of grains, protein (such as fish or lean meat), and vegetables. For dessert, treat yourself to a fruit salad or oatmeal cookie. Your body needs ample energy to power through winter activities! By opting for a balanced diet, you’ll be able to have fun all winter long!