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Partner Update

Scene+ arriving at Les Marchés Tradition on March 23, 2023

March 22 will be the last day to earn and redeem Air Miles at Les Marchés Tradition grocery stores.

What is Scene+?

Scene+ is one of Canada’s leading lifestyle loyalty programs. The Scene+ program offers members opportunities to earn and redeem points when and how they want to be rewarded.

Scene+ is offered at IGA, Les Marchés Tradition and Rachelle Béry. Scene+ members are able to earn and redeem points and rewards at grocery stores and through travel (Expedia), banking (Scotiabank), dining (Harvey’s) and movies (Cineplex). For more information, visit

Where can I earn Scene+ points?

Scene+ offers members rewards their way – allowing them to earn points on trips with Expedia, movies, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and banking. When Scene+ is launched at your Les Marchés Tradition store, you can earn Scene+ points in a variety of ways at grocery stores. For the full list, visit

Where can I redeem Scene+ points?

There are several ways to redeem Scene+ points.

You can redeem your Scene+ points on groceries.1000 Scene+ points redeemed is equal to $10 toward your purchase.

You can also redeem your Scene+ points on trips with Expedia, movies, gift cards, Apple and Best Buy products, dining or for an account credit on eligible Scotiabank debit and credit cards. For the full list, visit

How do I earn Scene+ points in store?

There are a few ways to earn Scene+ points at Les Marchés Tradition, including:

  • Everyday Rewards: Earn points through weekly flyer events and everyday product offers in-store.
  • Banking Products: Earn even more points by shopping at participating grocery stores using a Scotiabank debit or credit card.

My receipt shows that I accumulated Scene+ points. However, I don’t see the Scene+ points I earned in my Scene+ account. Why?

All Scene+ points earned at our participating stores will be added to your Scene+ account within 24 hours following your transaction. You will not see these points immediately in your Scene+ account even though they are showing on your receipt. Please note that points earned may take up to 2 weeks to appear in your Scene+ account. If you don’t see the points after 30 days, please contact Scene+ for further assistance.

How do I sign up for a Scene+ card?

If you already have a Scene card, you’re automatically a Scene+ member. To enroll to become a Scene+ member, please visit

Are physical Scene+ cards available or do I need to download the Scene+ app?

Yes, customers can pick up a physical card and enrollment kit in in-store. Please note that only one physical card is available per Scene+ account, but additional family members are able to download the Scene+ app and use the same Scene+ account to rack up points for the family.

Can I have more than one physical card for my account?

Members can only have one Scene+ physical card per account. For access to your card at your fingertips, or family sharing, download the Scene+ app.

How do I earn and redeem Scene+ points at Les Marchés Tradition?

Simply ensure your Scene+ card is registered and scan it in store to earn Scene+ points on eligible purchases.

How do I redeem Scene+ points at Les Marchés Tradition?

 Simply tell your cashier that you’d like to redeem Scene+ points on your purchase. You can get $10 off your bill for every 1000 Scene+ points redeemed.

 I’m already a Scene+ member, how do I find my Scene+ membership number?

You can get your Scene+ membership number emailed to you by visiting the Send me my card page on the Scene+ website. If there has been a change to your email or you require further assistance, please contact Scene+ support at 1-866-586-2805.

Can I transfer Scene+ points to a family member or friend?

No, Scene+ points are non-transferable.

Will Scene+ Points expire?

Your Scene+ account may be closed if it remains inactive for more than 24 consecutive months.

However, if you have a Scene+ Scotiabank product linked to your Scene+ card, your points won’t expire as long as that Scotiabank product remains open. You’ll be notified in advance if your account is ever at risk of being closed.

How can I find out how many Scene+ points I have?

You can find out how many points you have by logging into your account on or opening the Scene+ app.

I can’t see my Scene+ points balance on my app. What do I do?

If you are having trouble with your Scene+ app, please contact Scene+ Support at 1-866-586-2805.

I scanned my Scene+ card but I’m missing some points. What can I do?

Be sure to keep your receipt and visit our in-store Customer Service desk or email

Why am I asked to present ID when trying to redeem my Scene+ points using a digital Scene+ card in-store?

To protect your data and Scene+ points, you may be asked to present to validate the transaction.

The digital wallet I store my Scene+ card in does not include my name, can I still use it to redeem?

When using a digital card to redeem Scene+ points it is best to use an App that includes your name in case you are asked to present ID. These Apps include the Scene+ App, our grocery store app, and certain digital wallets.

Do I need to show ID when redeeming points with my plastic Scene+ card?

At this time, ID is only required when redeeming with a digital Scene+ card and when asked by a cashier. This includes cards stored on any app or in your digital wallet like the Scene+ App, our grocery store app, and certain digital wallets.