Brunch is the perfect meal solution whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you want to make Sunday mornings last a little longer. Festive, fun and absolutely delicious, it’s the epitome of bliss when all the right stuff makes it to the table, starting with some good old-fashioned maple syrup.

Eggs, the star of every brunch
As versatile as they are, eggs are a brunch classic. Prepare them in advance or the morning of and switch up your presentation:

  • Classic: over-easy, scrambled, sunny side up
  • Browned: in a delicious vegetable-filled omelet or frittata
  • In the oven: with ham, vegetables and cheese in a muffin tin
  • Restaurant style: poached Benedictine eggs with hollandaise sauce

Savoury dishes to make your mouth water
Bacon is a staple, but there are also other savoury choices to delight even the largest appetites:

  • Sausages, either grilled or added to an omelet
  • Maple-flavoured ham cooked slowly in the slow cooker
  • Cretons, pâtés and other deli meats with freshly toasted bread
  • Cheeses on a platter filled with delights

Sweet dishes to tickle your sweet tooth
Don’t forget sweet foods to charm even the foodiest of the bunch:

  • Classic French toasts, pancakes and waffles
  • Sugar, pecan or fruit pies
  • Yogurt or oatmeal topped with fruits and maple syrup
  • Fudge and other delights prepared with love

Fruits for a vitamin boost
We love fruits because they add a splash of colour, taste, and energy to our dishes! Serve them whole or cooked in:

  • Homemade marmalades and jams to dazzle your guests
  • A lovely salad layered with seasonal fruit
  • Recipes such as apple pie or blueberry pancakes
  • A large serving dish loaded with whole juicy fruits

Drinks for every taste
Don’t forget drinks so everyone can start the day off with the required dose of energy!

  • Coffee and other warm drinks are a must
  • A nice variety of juices is always appreciated
  • Some classic mimosa will make everything even more festive
  • Vitamin-filled smoothies can even be prepared ahead of time

All that’s left is to tell your guests to come on over. Happy brunching!