There’s no need for a certificate in mixology to show off your cocktail savvy since simplicity is sometimes all you need to make the best alcoholic beverages! Follow our tips and serve friends and family some incredibly classy drinks.

Simple and affordable alcohol

Wine, beer, cider, sparkling wines and flavoured syrups are great budget-friendly essentials to make your favourite cocktails! Here are some ideas to impress the crowd. You can either serve them as is or add a splash of your choice of hard liquor.

  • Mimosa for brunch with a mix of orange juice and sparkling wine.
  • White sangria with white wine, red fruit, and lemon flavoured soda.
  • Red sangria with red wine, citrus fruit, and your favourite fruit juice.
  • Spritzer with white ale, lemonade, and red fruit.
  • Kir with cider, fruit-flavoured syrup, and some frozen fruit

Star seasonal fruit

The beauty of using seasonal fruit is that they are at peak freshness while being at their lowest price!

Make the most of the season by integrating citrus to your winter cocktails, exotic fruit to your summer cocktails or apples to your fall ones.

Classic or (very) original glasses

Water glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes are classics that can be used to serve cocktails. But go through your cupboards, you’ll probably find you have some very original containers that will add a special unforgettable touch to your favourite alcoholic beverages.

While Mason jars rank high on the list, whisky glasses, verrine glasses or even lovely clear cups may soon become your go-to cocktail glasses.

Totally frosted rims

The ultimate cocktail look, sugar frosted glass rims are a detail that make all the difference and can be used for almost any type of drink. Here’s the how-to in just a few easy steps:

  • Mix a bit of juice, alcohol liquor, or food colouring with some granulated sugar and place in a small dish.
  • Pour lemon juice in another small dish.
  • Soak glass rim first in the lemon juice, and then dip in the coloured sugar. Voilà

Fun & delicious decorations

And finally, decorate your cocktails for an extra dash of dazzle!

  • Berry filled ice cubes
  • Fruit cubes to replace traditional orange slices
  • Herb stems
  • Chunks of ginger or preserved fruit
  • Fruit or candy skewer