Even though there are over 300 asparagus varieties out there, we usually only find green, white, and sometimes purple asparagus in the produce section.

How to choose

Asparagus comes in spears that are either very thin or rather plump, but one thing is certain, the green variety is the most popular. Choose spears that are firm and breakable, with vividly coloured tips that are closed tightly and free of blemishes.

How to store

Asparagus spears are very fragile and keep between three days and one week in the fridge wrapped in a damp towel. You can also store them standing in a pitcher filled with some water and covered in plastic wrap.

In the freezer, blanched asparagus can be kept about five months in an airtight plastic bag.

How to enjoy

Thin asparagus spears need no special prep before eating, but it’s best to break off the ends of the plumper ones: bend the spear end gently with your hands; it should break off at the juncture where soft meets hard.

The spears can then be boiled, steam-cooked, microwaved, sautéed, or simply grilled. Opt for tender doneness so spears are neither too hard nor too soft, and still hold all their nutritional value.