A slice of heaven for foodies, chocolate is a star ingredient in desserts, munchies and gourmet gifts. It’s more or less sweet and comes from the cocoa bean from which is extracted cocoa paste and then the fatty substance inside called cocoa butter. There are three main categories of chocolate determined by the different proportions of cocoa paste, cocoa butter and sugar used.

Dark chocolate

Known for its intense and bitter taste, dark chocolate must contain at least 35% cocoa to carry the name. The quantity of sugar added to the mix depends on the bitterness, variety and quantity of cocoa used.

Milk chocolate

Enjoyed for its sweet taste and smoothness, milk chocolate is made with cocoa combined with sugar and powdered or concentrated milk. It generally contains as many calories as dark chocolate since it has less fat but more sugar than dark.

White chocolate

Most would say that white chocolate isn’t real chocolate, but it’s still part of the same family, even if it doesn’t contain cocoa paste. It’s made from a base of cocoa butter combined with sugar, milk, and flavours.

Perfect pairings

Chocolate and wine are a marvellous mix! Sensuous and deep, dark chocolate pairs wonderfully with red wine, while milk chocolate, which is milder, harmonizes surprisingly well with white wine or sparkling wine.

For a melodious union of beer and chocolate, melt a piece of chocolate on your tongue before taking your first swig of beer. You’ll discover an impressive complexity in the combined aromas.

For an extra dose of comfort, try chocolate and coffee, each offering comfort in its own right! To fully enjoy the hot/cold contrast when tasting, refrigerate chocolate before serving.